Green light for new web site

Identitry has a new website

Identitry has a new website 1285 1920 Identitry

Finally we have a new website!
The old website was built on the Office 365 public website, a feature Microsoft is going to shut down in March 2018 so it was really at the time.
The design of the old website also had a lot to be desired not to mention the possibilities of SEO optimizing it.

By releasing this new website we hope to get some more visitors and maybe some more business.
Hope you like it!

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategi och Framtid

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategy and Roadmap

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategy and Roadmap 1920 1081 Identitry

Some has been worried about the future of Microsoft Identity Manager but the 27:th of February 2018, Microsoft held a webinar the made it clear they have a roadmap regarding MIM.

A recording of the webinar can still be seen but you’ll have to register in order to reach it.

If you don’t feel like watching the webinar here are a few news:

  • Microsoft are releasing more updates and fixes more often, past year has included the following:
    • 104 bug fixes
    • SQL 2016 Always On Availability groups, for running MIM and SQL on Azure IaaS
    • Support for SCSM 2016 reporting
    • Direct upgrade from FIM to MIM
  • Plans for CY 2018
    • Updating documentation and user guidelines
    • Continue to simplify deployment and operations
    • Hybrid is key aspect of engineering efforts
  • MIM will continue to be supported until 2026 with regular updates
  • Users of MIM and FIM before MIM 2016 SP1 should upgrade to MIM 2016 SP1
Mega Geek Week 2018

Mega Geek Week 2018

Mega Geek Week 2018 650 433 Identitry

I hope you haven’t missed that between 28:th of May to 1:th of June LabCenter is arranging Mega Geek Week again and whole of Identitry will attend with competence within their special areas.

There are also going to be tracks for:

It’s going to be technology from moning to evening, accomodation is included at Blue Hotell, Lidingö so that nothing can disturbe the tech talks. Make sure to sign up immediatly!

The following movie is from last years event.