Identitry is the small consultancy company specialized in identity management, federation, PKI och automation.

Henrik, DXter och Johan are friends and together we have realized the potential of being able to help our customers with our collected competencies.

We have together more than 30 years of experience as consultants and do our best helping customers within our special areas. We have also a broad network of other specialist if it should become necessary.

Green light for new web site
Identitry has a new website 1285 1920 Identitry

Identitry has a new website

Finally we have a new website! The old website was built on the Office 365 public website, a feature Microsoft is going to shut down in March 2018 so it…

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategi och Framtid
Microsoft Identity Manager Strategy and Roadmap 1920 1081 Identitry

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategy and Roadmap

Some has been worried about the future of Microsoft Identity Manager but the 27:th of February 2018, Microsoft held a webinar the made it clear they have a roadmap regarding…

Mega Geek Week 2018
Mega Geek Week 2018 650 433 Identitry

Mega Geek Week 2018

I hope you haven’t missed that between 28:th of May to 1:th of June LabCenter is arranging Mega Geek Week again and whole of Identitry will attend with competence within their special areas. Fredrik…