Henrik Nilsson

Expert in identity management

Henrik Nilsson is Identitry’s expert in Identity Management and has over 12 years experience working with Microsoft Identity Management products. Today it is Microsoft Identity Manager, MIM he’s implementing and manages each day for a considerable amount of customers.

Except MIM he has also solid knowledge in databases, C#, PowerShell and other necessities for being able to implement full scale Identity management solutions.

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategi och Framtid
Microsoft Identity Manager Strategy and Roadmap 1920 1081 Identitry

Microsoft Identity Manager Strategy and Roadmap

Some has been worried about the future of Microsoft Identity Manager but the 27:th of February 2018, Microsoft held a webinar the made it clear they have a roadmap regarding MIM. A recording of the webinar can still be seen but you’ll have to register in order to reach it. https://infopedia.eventbuilder.com/event?eventid=m7e7v6 If you don’t feel…